Meet The Team
The staff of His Place live and teach a message that is focused on the love of God and being in intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.  In addition, they revere and teach concerning the gifts of Godly revelation, grace, and the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit. 

​Through revelation from the Holy Spirit, we can come to a relationship that is not bound in religious legalism but rather to live an abundant and victorious life in Jesus Christ by grace through faith.  This spiritual revelation gives an understanding and ability to accept and walk in Gods' love, the grace of Jesus Christ, and fellowship with the Holy Spirit which releases the fullness of the Kingdom of God in and through His people.
The staff of His Place invite you to come and worship with us!
  1. Senior Pastors
    Senior Pastors
    Greg and Angie Worley
  2. Associate Pastors
    Associate Pastors
    Nathan and Judy Ogden
  3. Administrator
    Jessica Jolliff
  4. Youth Pastors
    Youth Pastors
    Micah and Autumn Tombley
  5. Childrens Pastors
    Childrens Pastors
    Calvin and Melissa Terry