His Way Young Adults is a vibrant young adult community (18-35) following Jesus and bound together by the Holy Spirit. We generally gather on monthly on a Friday night,  to create space to celebrate and experience both God and one another. 

Our gatherings are marked by a time of prayer,  message, ministry and community. Our prayer is powerful and effective.  Our ministry time serves you with prayer for any situation; we want to see God do the impossible in your life. Our message equips you for a new way of being human that’s living, vibrant and intimate with God. Our community welcomes you as you are, the authentic you. His Way is where we share in the life of the Kingdom together.

No matter where you are in your walk with Christ, HWYA is a community where you can find a smiling face and inspiration to grow.  We believe in second chances, growth, and redemption stories.  His Way Young Adult's are a thriving community of world changers who are rising above the "millennial" stereotype as we make a difference in West Plains and beyond.

We generally meet once a month on a Friday at 6pm with occasional events off-site.  See Facebook page for specific times and events.

Building Warriors...Building Faith...Learning our Authority...Fellowship and Fun.
Location:  Varies (church, leaders' or members' homes, bowling alley, river, lake, etc)

Dates:   Varies but generally on third Friday of each month.  Combine November/December meetings on second Friday of December.  6pm-10pm  Watch Facebook page for actual dates.

Reg Silva (372-2314) 
Deb Silva (257-4790)

Gale Holdenn (293-1740)
Candie Holden (293-1740)

Ty Jolliff  (372-1566)
Melynni Jolliff  (284-7688)

Ty and Melanie Jolliff - Ministry Leaders

Galen and Candie Holden - Ministry Leaders

Reg and Debbie Silva - Ministry Leaders